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JSC «Volzhsky Orgsynthese» — manufacturer of Methionine feed grade

Methionine feed grade (DL-2-amino-4-(methyl-thio)-butane acid, DL-methionine, α-amino-Y-methyl-oily acid) applies to the group of sulfur-containing amino-acids and is the first indispensable amino-acid for animals and poultry. Methionine feed grade is a synthetic product manufactured by a chemical method. It's applied for  cattle and poultry nutrition in the form of an additive, especially in case of foodstuffs lack of animal origin.

Foodstuffs balance is essential to ensure the genetically conditional efficiency for industrial poultry production. Methionine plays the important role for metabolism processes, muscle bulk growth, quickly growth of young animals. Methionine lack causes growth velocity reduction, poultry feathering deterioration, muscles atrophy, fatty liver, bones strength decreasing.

Product quality stability GOST 23423-2017 manufactured by JSC “Volzhsky Orgsynthese” is confirmed by the Certificate of Conformity No. of 30.11.2004 issued by the State Federal Institution “All-Russian State Center of quality and standardization of drugs and foodstuffs”.

Product shelf life is 5 years since the production date.


Indices Standard
Aspect Crystal powder
Methionine content, % ≥ 99
Content of water and volatile substances, % ≤ 0,3
Ash content, % ≤ 0,5
Sieve residue portion in Ød=1 mm, % ≤ 0,5
Content of cyanide derivates, mg/1 kg ≤ 2
Arsenic content, mg/1 kg ≤ 2
Fluorine content, mg/1 kg ≤ 100
Lead content, mg/1 kg ≤ 5
Cadmium content, mg/1 kg ≤ 0,3
Mercury content, mg/1 kg ≤ 0,1